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South Pacific Seeds has a team of experienced and well qualified field people who, through a hands-on approach, work closely with our growers to ensure that every aspect of seed production is carried out to the highest standards.

In conjunction with various research facilities around the world, SPS is working closely with seed technologists to improve both our production methods and seed quality. This commitment ensures our customer is also at the leading edge of technology with seed produced through our company.

Prior to any production our field staff carefully select the sites and ensure that there is adequate isolation. Seeding does not take place until our field staff are satisfied that the land is properly prepared, including recommended fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides.

SPS has a range of specialised equipment , such as mechanical row dividers, precision seeders, transplanters and specialised harvesting equipment. We recognise the need for mechanical operations in order to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Our aim is to produce seed to the highest possible standard without compromise, and while agronomic advice is of prime importance, so is the need for the specialised equipment which SPS supplies and operates. SPS pays particular attention in the production of hybrid varieties to ensure the best possible flowering synchronisation, thus aiming for high genetic quality. We take great care in the harvesting of our seed crops and over the years have developed a selection of specialised harvesting equipment to avoid any possible damage to the seed.

Our milling and drying equipment is of a very high standard and we can offer the additional services of size grading and various seed treatments and coatings.
We take particular care with our seed sampling and the pre-shipment samples sent to our customers are 100% true and accurate.

Our seed testing laboratory operates on the highest possible standards, and customers can be very confident that the results we get are true and accurate.