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Carrots and UmbEllifErae

SPS has a long history of carrot seed production with the first OP carrots being produced in the Millicent region in south eastern South Australia, more than 30 years ago. We still continue this tradition of Op production, and through extensive research and development we now have developed world standard hybrid carrot seed production in Australia. Our production locations allow for a broad range of carrot maturities to be produced from early Brazilian to late Nantes types.

We aim to produce seeds of the highest quality, which are weed and disease free. This allows the option for seed to be readily exported around the world. SPS can produce carrot and other Umbelifferae crops including celery, parsley, coriander and parsnip with experienced growers with field sizes from 1-100ha.


A range of onion and bunching onion seed crops can be produced by SPS in their production locations. Our locations allow for very early short day to late intermediate types to be produced by either ‘Seed to Seed’ or ‘Bulb to Seed’ production methods. We have many dedicated growers who produce seeds of the highest standards


SPS can produce a diverse range of brassica species across our production areas focusing on high quality, disease free seeds. Through our dedicated research we have significantly reduced the incidence of Xanthomas (Blackrot) within Brassica Oleracea crops. Our production includes cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, kale, radish, Chinese cabbage, pak choi and mizuna.

Seeds can be produced by production methods including transplanting and direct sowing. With our specialist brassica teams we offer comprehensive rogueing and flower synchronisation of the crops to ensure the highest quality standards. Close attention to harvest, drying and processing optimise the seeds vitality to ensure high germination seed. We offer field sizes from 1ha -20ha.


SPS produces lettuce seeds in their Griffith production area that are LMV free to meet the highest quality standards. We offer production in both the open field and insect proof tunnels. Our dedicated and experienced staff are able to provide breeding multiplication services ranging from single plants to mass harvest. Productions can be negotiated on an individual basis. Our open field productions can be contracted from 30 to 1,000kg.

Beet and Chard

Our Tasmanian production area is ideally suited to hybrid and OP productions of beet and chard species. We offer production methods of direct seeding and transplanting where stock seed is limited. Field sizes from 2-10ha can be contracted.

Other Crops

SPS produces a variety of other grain and seed productions in different locations and can be contracted on an individual basis.